The temporary cosmetic teeth implants – Happy Smile – are the solution to all your problems.

Prepare an implant using the granules that will perfectly match your smile. Fill the gap left by a missing tooth in just a few minutes. Your smile will regain its beauty!

The granules are made of a completely safe material. The implants are easy to make thanks to the included instruction.

A fast and cheap method for a wide and beautiful smile!

You want to go out with friends or go on a date, but you do not want people to see that you are missing a tooth. You cannot avoid smiling forever because people will consider you as a grim person without a sense of humour.

Happy Smile is a solution to your problem. You will no longer be ashamed of your smile. On the contrary – you will be proud of it!

Good looks give you more advantages in life!

We do not have to convince you that nowadays good looks are important. Dating, looking for a job, social life, or contacts with clients. The way you look depends on how you are treated. Good looking people are considered as more professional and they are the ones who achieve success more often!

Its high time your looks become your advantage instead of a disadvantage!

Try it out!

Why is it worth to choose the Happy Smile cosmetic implants?

1. A perfect smile

The gap between your teeth makes you look bad and lowers your self-confidence? Happy Smile can help you get rid of your problem. You will be able to fix this ugly gap in just a few minutes.

2. Safety

The granules are made of safe and non-toxic material, which is suitable for contact with skin.

3. Convenience

The implants are easy to make. You will find everything you need in the box and the included instruction will explain you the preparation process step by step.

4. Price

Good dental implants are extremely expensive and Happy Smile costs only $45. In both cases, you will improve your looks, but Happy Smile is significantly cheaper. You can spend the saved money to fulfil your dreams.

5. DIY

You can prepare the Happy Smile implants yourself at home. You do not have to ask a dentist for help and that means more money saved for you.

6. Fast and discreet delivery

We will send the parcel to you ASAP in a box that does not reveal its content. The product is sold only online and is delivered directly to you.

Don’t waste your money...

Dental implants are extremely expensive. Not everyone can afford such luxury.

What is interesting, you can gain the same results by paying approx. 1/40 of the dental implant price. Get rid of that troublesome problem and rebuild your beautiful smile!

The cosmetic Happy Smile implants will eliminate your complexes.

Try it out!

Regain your voice!

A missing tooth can cause slurred speech. This is another reason why you slowly retreat into yourself and your social life is slowly dying. Your friends don’t understand what you are saying and you are ashamed of lisping.

Happy Smile will solve this problem as well. You will be able to talk with other people again without embarrassment.

A perfect implant for you!

The product contains plastic granules. Use them to form and shape the implant. You can fill the gaps in both the upper and bottom jaw. Are you afraid that the implant will have a different colour than the rest of your teeth? Our instruction will teach you how to dye the implants to match your real teeth! There is enough of the granules to make approx. 10 implants.

1. Add the granules to hot water. This will allow you to form them more easily.
2. When the granules will be soft you can form and shape the size you need.
3. Let it dry. In a few minutes, the implant will become harder and will be ready to use.
4. If the implant won’t match your needs, simply put it back into hot water and wait for it to soften. Repeat the process until you mould the perfect implant.
Regain your beautiful smile!

Recognised by dentists

„Temporary cosmetic implants are frequently used by people who cannot afford or don't want to invest in normal dental implants. A cosmetic implant is an ideal way to conceal the gap left by a missing tooth and also will restore a patient's full smile. What is more, it is a cheap and convenient solution. It is especially useful when you want to make a good impression. This product is completely safe to use. The cosmetic implants Happy Smile meet all the safety requirements – they are made of nontoxic materials. I almost always recommend them to my patients.”

Joanna Maciejak, a dentist

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Happy Smile?

Happy Smile is a product which contains granules used to form temporary cosmetic implants. Happy Smile fills the gap left by a missing tooth and makes your smile look beautiful again.

2. Is Happy Smile safe?

Your safety is our top priority. Happy Smile contains no toxic substances and it is safe to use. What is more, the product causes no side effects.

3. How to use Happy Smile?

Put the granules in hot water and wait until they are soft. Form an implant and then let it harden. The whole process is thoroughly explained in the instruction. Your first implant probably won't be perfect – don't worry – simply put it back in hot water and repeat the process.

4. How does the implant stay in its place?

Th ready implants are “jammed” between two teeth.

5. I’m missing 2 adjacent teeth. Can I still use the implants?

No. The implants can be used only between 2 real teeth.

6. Can I eat while wearing the implant?

You should be really careful with the implant. ESPECIALLY while eating hot meals or drinking hot beverages. Be careful to not swallow the implant. Remember that this is only a cosmetic implant.

7. How many implants are in one Happy Smile?

The product contains approx. 10 implants.

8. Can I sleep with the implant?

We do not recommend you to sleep with the implant. You should remove it before going to sleep.

9. Can Happy Smile be used by children?

The product is not suitable for children.

10. How long do I have to wait for the parcel?

We process the orders within 1-2 working days. The parcel will be delivered via a reputable courier company in a small, discreet box.

11. Can I pay cash on the delivery?

However, this payment option is only available in selected countries.

12. Do you ship abroad?

Of course. We ship our product worldwide.

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